Frequently Asked Questions About Astonishing Coffee Co.

Where do you get your coffee beans from?

Green coffee beans are sourced and imported around the world. This enables us to offer a unique taste profile from different regions of the globe.

Where are your beans roasted?

Our beans are roasted locally in Houston, Texas. After roasting is complete, the beans are then allowed to degas the carbon dioxide that naturally occurs in the roasting process.


How is the coffee packaged?

After the coffee is degassed, it is packed in resealable foil bags that have been air vacuumed and flushed with nitrogen gas in order to preserve the freshness of the coffee. Additionally, our bags contain one way valves that enable the coffee to release any additional carbon dioxide from the roasted coffee.

How should I store the coffee?

Coffee should be stored in a dark cool place within an airtight container. This helps ensure sunlight or oxygen can’t increase the rate of oxidation that naturally happens with coffee. Our packaging blocks out any external sunlight and our one way valve blocks any oxygen from entering the bag.

How should I brew my coffee?

We’ve received praise from customers from all ranges of coffee brewers. Personally, pour over and French press machines are our favorites to use. However, we have also received wonderful praise from our drip machine users. We use a medium grind in order to accompany most user's preferred coffee brewer.


Where does Astonishing Coffee Co. Ship?

Currently we only ship to the United States.

What carrier do you use to ship your goods?

UPS is our preferred carrier.

How much does shipping cost?

We are not able to give you an exact amount but we have taken steps to make shipping as inexpensive as possible for our customers. Not only have we partnered with vendors but we have kept shipping in mind when packaging our goods. However, distance still remains the largest factor in the cost of shipping. Free shipping is available for any purchases over $50.

When will I receive my order?

Orders placed before 3PM Monday through Friday will be fulfilled the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be fulfilled the next business day. On average, our customers have their orders delivered within 1-5 business days after an order is placed.