About Us

About Astonishing Coffee Co.

Astonishing Coffee Co. is a small batch coffee roaster offering coffee beans, coffee accessories, and other merchandise. We offer single origin brews from across the world. In addition to selling coffee by the pound, we also offer a monthly subscription of your favorite brews.

Astonishing Coffee Co. currently offers coffee beans in the ground and whole variety from single regions such as Kenya, East Timor, and Colombia. 

Owner of Astonishing Coffee Co. 

Jerome Gordon started Astonishing Coffee Co. after working as a License Customs Broker. As the son of an immigrant mother from Jamaica, he moved to Houston, TX in 2015. After over 7 years of experience importing for other businesses , he decide he wanted to start his own business. He saw an opportunity importing and roasting coffee. He began his venture full-time in August of 2020 and launched Astonishing coffee Co. on January 11, 2021.