Three Health Benefits of Coffee

Three Health Benefits of Coffee

Drinking coffee, a ritual amongst the fatigued has been a tradition for over six centuries. But did you know, while enjoying your fresh cup in the morning from the Astonishing Coffee Co. that you are taking advantage of certain health benefits too? Numerous research studies identify several health takeaways coffee drinkers’ relish in. There is even more to the aroma and taste you love, let’s take a look.

Energy Boost

Coffee contains the common substance caffeine that acts as a stimulant in our bodies. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is a receptor located in the brain. Research suggests that adenosine receptors play a major role in regulating sleep and when blocked by caffeine, the body enters a state of alertness. The boost of energy that you feel after drinking a cup of Joe is due to this phenomenon in the body. 

Increase in metabolism

A cup of coffee can also help to increase the resting metabolic rate of your body. This is helpful for those of us who are looking to shed some extra pounds. The higher your metabolic rate the more calories the body burns which can aid in any weight loss programs. A study published on the database identified that “100 mg caffeine increased the resting metabolic rate of both lean and postobese human volunteers by 3-4% (p less than 0.02) over 150 min and improved the defective diet-induced thermogenesis observed in the postobese subjects.” 4


Lower rates of other diseases

Finally, coffee has been linked to lower the risk of some diseases. A 2017 study found that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of some cancers such as prostate, breast, and endometrial1. Additionally, researchers found that drinking coffee may also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The drink is also connected to reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease 2. The reason for such significant health benefits of coffee may lie in the antioxidants within the coffee plant. Antioxidants help the body fight free radicals that may cause harm. Another positive is that coffee lowers inflation and provides a calorie-burning boost while aiding human microbiome3.

As you can see, coffee can act as a supplement to increase your well-being. Coffee has been consumed by humans for many decades who have profited from its health benefits. While some people may respond to caffeine with less desirable reactions, caffeine is generally regarded as safe and tasty!







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