Introducing Astonishing Coffee’s Medium Roast: Colombia Coffee

Introducing Astonishing Coffee’s Medium Roast: Colombia Coffee

Stationed at the tip of Panama, Colombia is one of the members of the Bean Belt, exporting more than 1.7 billion pounds of coffee between October 2019 and September 2020 alone. Being a significant player in the coffee industry, we wanted to capture the essence of the country in our coffee.  

Colombia Coffee Label

We wanted the label to pop as soon as our customers saw it. Something different yet something that represented Colombia well. To do this we wanted to highlight Colombia’s rich culture in baseball. Major League baseball players like World Series Champion Edgar Rentaria, Gold Glove winner and World Series Champion Orlando Cabrera, and Silver Slugger winner Donovan Solano all hail from Colombia. Showcasing this became the inspiration for the label.

Nestled in its borders, Colombia also plays host to part of the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world and home to over 30 million people and 3 million species of animals. With such a unique place, we pay homage to it by highlighting tropical patterns and colors on our label.  

The Smooth Taste of Colombia Coffee

Colombian coffee is known to have hints of fruitiness with a smooth body; our medium roast highlights these traits nicely. This medium roast helps bring out the flavor of the region without having a bold or bitter taste like some darker roasts. Also, medium roasts have slightly more caffeine due to the less time spent in a roaster. Many people from casual drinkers to coffee connoisseurs prefer the lighter taste and increase energy boost. In addition to fruity undertones, you may find subtle hints of cocoa and nuts in your cup too. This complex taste is due to the country’s soil being enriched with several nutrients and minerals. Most of Colombia is located above sea level and the altitudes that the Andean Mountains also aid in the bean’s maturity.   

Try our Newest Coffee

Being a young company, every milestone in our history is significant. A lot of work went into bringing this new coffee to our customers. From taste-testing early roasts to receiving input on desired origins, you all helped us bring this coffee to homes, and with that, we say thank you! We are proud to release our Colombian Single Origin coffee.


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